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Case Study

E-Commerce and Blog Platform for Luxury Watch Dealer

Domain: Other Products & Services

Product line :

Key Challenge:

  • Customer wanted to build eCommerce & Blog features along with developing modules for integrating with multiple marketplaces along with SEO capabilities.
  • Develop APIs to connect with middleware, MuleSoft, which communicates with Salesforce CRM for different features.
  • Process and manage a large volume of requests as per business requirements.
  • Implement workflows to generate, capture leads and integrate with CRM for different business processes.

Our Solution:

WordPress with WooCommerce to standardized the eCommerce and blog features to provide end to end shopping experience to users. SEO capabilities were implemented in WordPress.
Developed complex API to communicate with client’s posting engine to manage inventory between their multiple websites and marketplaces.
Implemented lead management features and sync those between multiple platforms.
Implemented features to not only buy a new or pre-owned watch, also to trade or sell their own watch.

The Result:

Minimal impact

when onboarding a new provider for a particular functionality, even the core (WordPress) can be replaced.

Easily manage inventory

in multiple marketplaces from a single point.

Reduced processing time

to provide real-time experience to the user.

Lead automation

allows client to focus on improving their business.

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