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Case Study

Fuel Inventory Management System for an Aviation Company

Domain: Other Products & Services

Product line :

Key Challenge:

  • The enhanced version of Fuel Management System is an extraction of the existing FMS project which handles the fuel inventory with different integration parts of customer mapping, owner mapping , location mapping , unit and agent mapping.
  • Technical responsibilities are to develop API’s that integrate with CRM data, Purchase Order System, Owner Mapping data, eFuel system for different features. Also develop client application using the fim api’s to generate fuel management transactions, develop reports and configuration pages to handle location based settings.
  • Implement complex logic with integration with eFuel system and build interactive application that would enhance the current process and make users make correct decisions.

Our Solution:

Analyse the complexities of the existing system's functionality and integrate with the extracted version within the newly developed application.
Develop API to communicate with the new FIM database, integration with CRM data , Purchase Order data and eFuel system.
Develop Enhanced version of Fuel Inventory Management system with Fuel Inventory transactions with new roles and permissions requirements.
Implement reports for specific users to guide and help them achieve the fuel closing activities efficiently.
Implement replicating the existing data into the new database design which will help users into transition phase.

The Result:

Minimal impact to users

to transition from old FMS system to new FIM system.

Minimal impact in the backend processing

and integrating to various key systems for data.

Easy user interfaces to replicate the data

from old FMS system to new FIM system and educate the users to establish relevant and move with the current scenario based transactions.

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