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Case Study

Launching new Endpoint SaaS offering in the AWS Marketplace

Domain: Other Products & Services

Product line :

Key Challenge:

  • Multiple disjoined applications.
  • Manual intervention is required in all processes.
  • No Customer-centric View.
  • No standard workflow to handle Trial and Purchase requests for Endpoint SaaS.
  • Lack of centralized repository for consumer data.
  • No standard integration with D&B(Dun & Bradstreet) for organization data.
  • Lack of smooth data flow and standardized interaction across different systems.

Our Solution:

Create an API to receive purchase request from EPS
Integrate with D&B(Dun & Bradstreet) API to get organization details against DUNS number.
Apply business rules for Address, Employee Size, Revenue, Global DUNS, Industry codes, Organization hierarchies.
Integrate with SFDC to search existing account.
Invoke SFDC OOTB API to create account.
Invoke SFDC API for Order creation.
Re-direct to EPS Service Configuration Page (the Service page itself will be delivered by EPS).

The Result:

Customer enrollment

and provisioning within 5 minutes SLA.

Immediate scaling

as customer matures.

Centralized data

for all consumers(Customers and Services).

Fully automated process

of Org validation, account search, account creation, order creation, Revenue recognition and payment reconciliation.

Integrated dashboard

to review Trial and Purchase request cases by DM(Data Management) team.


monthly report.

Total SaaS customer growth

50% in 2022, 90% in 2023 and 100% in 2024.

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Process Automation

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