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Case Study

Manage the Company's Resources Enroute or at Client’s Property

Domain: Media & Communications

Product line :

Key Challenge:

  • Previously an offline system was used to collect and maintain data which was manually uploaded to the company’s system. There were loads of manual interventions that caused delays. The delay to recruit a home ranged from two days to a week.
  • Reps were able to cover lesser homes per day as they didn’t have a way to plan their day. They had to take printouts of the route plan and schedule their appointments.
  • Most of the time the data was collected in paper which caused data privacy issues.

Our Solution:

Pega Field Service Management application has leveraged to manage the entire field service lifecycle, streamlined and simplified the processes for Field Workers or Technicians.
It has also designed iOS Mobile App to handle travel and appointments for Field workers and integrated with Google APIs for optimizing the travel time.
The Solution is targeted to present overall picture of end-to-end process beginning from recruit and ending with problem resolution.

The Result:

Company could recruit

home for data analysis within an hour which was previously taking one day.

Remote recruitment/online recruitment

was also made possible.

The Solution improved the efficiency

of field reps by 70%.

Related Tags:

Field Service Management

Process Automation

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