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Case Study

New Product (Fleet Card) Launch - Disrupting Competitors to Attract New Customer Segment

Domain: Banking & Financial Services

Product line :

Key Challenge:

  • No unified process to launch a new card – a new credit card type so that customers can directly raise requests from the corporate website and have it approved and onboarded by FiServ in no time.
  • Integrate seamlessly with the corporate website keeping in mind security compliance.
  • The ability to perform a Fraud Check with Experian prior to onboarding.

Our Solution:

Consolidate existing legacy systems to integrate Pega with the website to capture the new customer acquisition request, run it through a three stage process of Data, Pre-Bureau and Post-Bureau Validation. Then the same is evaluated across various Underwriting systems to identify and flag any fraud.
The filtered data is then passed on to FiServ for final onboarding while Pega responds back to the website with the decision. The primary goal hence here being is to offer a seamless customer experience throughout the bank’s customer journey.

The Result:


the customer experience for Fleet Card Acquisition.

Fleet FW -

designed in such a way that any future application under this market segment will always be built on the existing rules rather than developing from scratch, hence more maintainable and extensible.

Related Tags:

Process Automation

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