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Case Study

Replacement of Oracle-based CRM Tool - Right Now to Save Customer a Substantial Amount of Renewal Fees

Domain: Media & Communications

Product line :

Key Challenge:

  • The Key Challenge was to Intercept, Analyze and Route emails, that were coming in via two Channels (Regular Emails and Scanned PDF Emails) with the help of NLP to the appropriate Departments of the Customer’s Organization.

Our Solution:

Accept and Read emails via two incoming email channels in the form of customer’s emails as well as auto scanned documents.
Auto extraction of entities from incoming emails to facilitate automatic customer details extraction and quick email processing of incoming emails.
Intent Identification and Intelligent routing of Email Triage cases into multiple work queues based on keywords extracted, Machine learning and NLP.
Creating provision for training the NLP Model during the initial and ongoing phases training based on case outcomes.

The Result:


Case Processing time


Agent Efficiency and throughput

Reduced cost

by preventing renewal of Right Now license.

OOTB Reporting

added value by replacing the previously used Manual Reports.

Set TalkTalk up

for future Pega Upgrade for existing on-premise Customer Service Application.

Related Tags:

Customer Service

Intelligent Routing


Process Automation

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