Life @ Maantic

Maantic fosters a Happy and Open culture

Futuristic vision coupled with an inspirational environment at Maantic ensures a healthy culture of innovation, growth, creativity, and harmony embodied in everything we do for our customers, partners, and stakeholders. At Maantic, we take pride in our vibrant work environment. We strongly believe in diversity and equal opportunity for all.

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culturally savvy and creatively wired

Our deep-rooted value system imbibed with commitment, sincerity, transparency, and goodwill blends seamlessly with an engaging, warm and nurturing environment, perfecting work-life balance.

We’re united by an ambitious purpose

Our inclusive leadership, combined with insightful mentoring, encourages independent thinking, innovation, and a sense of ownership.

We strive toward building long-lasting customer and employee relations.

Client satisfaction and employee engagement are the bedrock of Life At Maantic. We have a culture of enthusiastic collaboration to achieve organizational objectives and goals.

Numerous community services initiatives

Maantic is also involved with numerous community services initiatives. Recently as part of our community service initiative Maantic, Kolkata was involved in contributing our services to Kolkata-based institution OFFER, which serves children who are severely underprivileged in the city of Kolkata and semi-urban areas of West Bengal. OFFER provides institutional specialized healthcare, education, and psychosocial support to the children with HIV/AIDS, mentally challenged children, and 5000 children in need.

Maantic has pledged to support this noble cause and to provide the means to create a brighter future for these children. We have taken the first step by sponsoring the entire CCTV infrastructure across the entire OFFER campus.

Culture And Values

We see boundless potential in the way we live.


To deliver outstanding customer service and support by providing our clients with thought leadership and comprehensive, value-added leading-edge solutions.


To partner with clients globally and improve their return on corporate initiatives by providing high value strategy, process and technology consulting services.

Our core values

What matters to us

Our values form the foundation of our company and shape the spirit and culture of our organization. We are honest and transparent with clients and employees at all times. No matter what the circumstance, we abide by the law, and take responsibility for our actions.

Enable customer success

We are obsessed with our customers’ success. We create long-term relationships with our clients by consistently delivering value, and helping them stay competitive.

Commitment to excellence

We are passionate about giving our best, whether it is about attracting the finest talent, providing the best solution for our clients, or making that perfect cup of coffee.

Respect for everyone

We respect everyone and treat people equally. We nurture an open and inclusive environment and encourage individuals to learn, share, and grow.

Act with integrity

We are honest and transparent with clients and employees at all times. No matter what the circumstance, we abide by the law, and take responsibility for our actions.

Employee Testimonials

See What Our Employees Have To Say

Employee welfare and growth are the bedrock of our culture. But don't take our word for it...See what our employees have to say.

"I found the opportunity to explore different facets of Pega Solutioning and got exposure to Customers from a vast variety of domains while at Maantic. Not only did I get to work on the latest Pega Products and Features, but I was also supported when choosing my areas of interest in Pega and was provided full assistance with the fulfilment of my career aspirations."
Sushmita Chakraborty
Solution Consultant-Pega Practice
“At Maantic, the work culture is transparent and we have a good work life balance. My concerns are always heard and I always got great support here which helped in my professional as well as personal growth.”
Mounika Anyarambhatla
Senior Developer-Pega Practice
"Maantic is the right place to learn and execute my thoughts and ideas on any platform that I wish. I have been fortunate to be surrounded by great individuals who are generous in sharing their knowledge. I am proud to be a part of the Maantic family."
Soumyadeep Bandyopadhyay
Senior Consultant-Pega Practice
"Maantic ensures that Diversity & Inclusion is embedded in everything we do enabling us to drive a good business impact.
This recognition has helped attract and retain industry’s best talent, and built a sense of pride at the workplace. Maantic helps you examine, observe and gather new ideas and perspectives.
It is a pride to work for Maantic Technologies."
Ayesha Khatoon
Pega Tester
"I found the opportunity to explore the different facets of HR and got lot of exposure in working on a vast variety of areas in the HR domain in Maantic. I was always supported when choosing my areas of interest and was provided full assistance in the fulfilment of my career aspirations."
Nisha Dhar
HR & Employee Relationship Specialist
"Working in Maantic has truly been a life-changing experience for me. In my two years with Maantic, I have learnt and achieved more than what I had in my previous experience as an HR practitioner. Maantic has given me the opportunity and the freedom to hone my skills and enhance my knowledge."
Gayatri Wasnik
HR Manager
"My journey with Maantic from an intern to an IT recruiter has been inspiring and self-motivating. Maantic is an ecosystem of professionals where everyone co-exists with each other with a down to earth approach. Respect, care, warmth, friendliness and modesty are qualities that exude from the top and flow throughout the company. I am grateful to Maantic for giving me a platform to comprehend my potential through appropriate mentoring. Every day at Maantic is associated with learning."
Namrata Sharma
Executive - Talent Acquisition
"As a Talent Acquisition Specialist at Maantic. I Got the opportunity to explore the hiring in different facets of technologies including Ui Path, Python, Pega and Salesforce along with exposure to customers from a vast variety of domains. Not only did I get an opportunity to understand various Products and Features, but I was also supported when choosing my areas of interest in sourcing needs in various technologies. I was provided full assistance in fulfilling my career aspirations."
Alexander L
Talent Acquisition Specialist
"Working as an Accountant is a hard job dealing with sensitive company data and money matters while trying to maintain a work-life balance. I am happy to work with Maantic’s excellent and supportive team. I have gained knowledge and experience related not only with daily accounting or taxation activities but other work aspects as well. I am Glad to be part of the Maantic team!"
Mugdha Ranade
"A Successful day: When I joined the Maantic Family, I received a warm welcome. I got an opportunity to work on a variety of sourcing needs including best practices and process strategy. Maantic offers a perfect blend of work life balance. I am happy to work with a great team and seniors and am thankful for all their support. I enjoy the diverse and Inclusive work environment am glad to work with a dynamic and forward -thinking organization. The best part of my job is being able to work at all levels in the organization. I am thankful for this opportunity.....🙂 "
Priya Chaturvedi
Associate - Talent Acquisition
"I was the first Salesforce developer hired by Maantic India. Since then, I have seen the organization grow immensely. At Maantic it feels like being with family, which is hard to find in today’s work culture. The leadership team is always a phone call away and their support is by far the best. I have the opportunity to work on multiple projects which has been a great learning experience. I feel lucky to be a part of the Maantic Family."
Apurv Saxena
Technical Lead - Salesforce Practice
"I am extremely proud of being a part of Maantic Inc; an organization that truly values their employees. A change in work environment is always a challenge but this organization treated me as a family member right from day one. I am extremely satisfied with my job role and the work assigned to me."
Abhishek Vaidya
RPA Developer
"It’s been more than 2 years since I joined Maantic Inc. This is an amazing company to start your career with or to take your career ahead. Maantic provides a wide learning scope with opportunities to work on different projects including BPM,CRM, ERP, Java and Dot Net. Maantic offers good benefits and salaries are paid on time. Besides the great technical team, Maantic also has an amazing HR, Finance and Operations team that support its employees."
Sukanya Banekar
Salesforce Lead
"It has been a wonderful experience working with Maantic Inc; I was one of the early employees here and I had been entrusted with opportunities and responsibilities, helping me accelerate my career growth. A trust-based culture and open and frank communication with higher management makes for a perfect work environment. I feel lucky to have supportive team members who have become my friends for life."
Amit Sharma
Senior Salesforce Developer
“I have been a part of Maantic Inc. since 2020 and am proud to say that Maantic has an amazing bench of technical resources for me to utilize. This gives me tons of confidence when walking into any customer scenario and I know that our team is going to be able to address the customer needs and resolve their problems. Everyone I work with at Maantic has a strong drive to get things done, regardless of the time of day or day of the week. This team is here to solve problems.”
Amit Soni
Salesforce Architect


A collection of our finest memories made on our fantastic journey with partners and teams.